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Learn a Musical Instrument with us from October!

Our ever popular learner course is starting a brand new year of absolute beginners from Wednesday 4th October 2017. The New Bristol Blowers will be led by our brand new course leader Tina Bartlett, who is taking over from Derek Brown after many many great years of supporting musicians at their very early stages in BCWB. Rehearsals will be held at Downend Library.

As with last year, we are particularly interested in those who are interested in playing brass (trumpet, trombone, tuba etc.), oboe, bassoon and percussion instruments, however all are welcome to enquire and join! We hold a number of instruments that you can try and borrow for the first year at no charge. Much of the first weeks will be spent getting you comfortable with your chosen instrument, putting it together, cleaning and getting your first note out of it! Our learner course runs for three years. While course fees are not set in stone, as we are a non-profit organisation the fees only cover the costs incurred to run the course.

If you would like to know more about our learner courses head to our learner page for further information about Tina's and Heather's groups, or contact us. Furthermore, Heather's group will be getting together with Winds of Change for their end of year concert at Thornbury United Reformed Church on Saturday 16th September, which is free to attend!


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