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If you are looking for a band to join or thinking of learning an instrument have a look around our website and see which of the bands - the concert band, improvers or learner would suit you best and then contact us. If you aren't sure which is the band for you we can advise you.

If you are interested in starting our learner course, contact us or head to the learner course page to find out more. 


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the adjustments to rehearsals as a result, we are taking on very few new members at the moment. However, please do get in touch with us if you are interested in joining and could fill one of the vacancies below, and we will do our best to get back to you when we can.

Bristol Concert Wind Band

Bass Clarinet
Baritone Sax
Tenor Sax



French Horn

String Bass

Blown Away!

French Horn

String Bass


Bass Drum Percussion

Winds of Change





Tenor Sax



F Horn

Tuned Percussion


Please get in contact with us if you could fill one of these vacancies. Don't worry if you play another instrument - we can add you to our waiting list and contact you if a vacancy comes up or we need temporary cover for engagements!

In some cases we are able to lend instruments to members if they are available. We have plenty of percussion instruments for use in BCWB rehearsals to save transporting lots of equipment.

Joining Process

BCWB does not hold formal auditions to join any of the bands at present. Instead, based on your ability/grade, we will invite you to come along to rehearsals at one of our bands for a few weeks for you to get a feel for the band and its level. If you and the conductor feel the fit is right you will be invited to become a permanent member.

Subscription Fees

The subscription fee for Bristol Concert Wind Band, Blown Away! and Winds of Change is £35 per quarter which can be made preferably by standing order, or cheque or cash.


The standard fee for members of the learner course is £5 per week. As a not-for-profit organisation this fee covers the cost of tuition, rehearsal venue hire and investment in sheet music, instruments and any other equipment that is required.

Member Benefits

As a member of the BCWB family you receive a number of benefits:

  • Significantly subsidised ticket costs to other BCWB concerts, performances, training events and workshops

  • Access to a large musical instrument collection to loan from

  • Access to a large band music library of over 700 pieces at a wide range of levels

  • Opportunities for group and individual performances in the year

  • Being part of a community of over 150 members across 5 bands and groups!

Interested in joining? Get in contact with us!