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 Learn to play a musical instrument! 

Learner Course Windjammers Playing

Bristol Concert Wind Band runs a three-year course which helps adults from 18 to 118 learn a wind, brass or percussion instrument from the very beginning in a friendly, supportive environment.  All music is provided and we have an instrument loan scheme or can give advice on hiring or buying an instrument. We'll even teach you how to read music! 

We have two groups currently in years 1 and 2, run by Tina Bartlett and Heather Platt.


Our learner courses are currently running and not taking on any new members, but do check this page and get in contact with us if you'd like to know more about what we offer!

The Windjammers
Tutored by Heather Platt
Rehearses 7:30 - 9:30pm Every Monday at Bethesda Independent Methodist Church, Staple Hill BS16 4QG
Beginner Level

The new course at Windjammers started in September 2016 for absolute beginners, with the focus on encouraging people into playing brass, double-reed and percussion instruments, however other players are also welcome! 

The group rehearses every Monday at Bethesda Independent Methodist Church. Every so often members from BCWB and the improver bands will be available at rehearsals to support Heather and provide specialist help in learning your new instrument.

Where We Rehearse
Where We Rehearse
Fair Winds
Tutored by Tina Bartlett
Rehearses 7:45 - 9:30pm Every Wednesday at Downend Library BS16 5TW
Beginner Level

Tina will be starting a band with a brand new batch of beginners soon. If you are interested in joining at year one or year two level please get in contact with us.

About Heather Platt


A multi-instrumentalist who did her first teaching at a Saturday Music School under the direction of her tutor as a young music student.

Through her 20s Heather focused on being a young mum and running a family home so, apart from some earnings from street performances, most of her music sharing & playing was for the everyday joy of it. About a decade later she started to teach individual lessons at home.

During the 1990s she formed, played in and ran the “Cwm-Rhyd Ensemble”,  a baroque recorder group. She also spent over 5 years running and conducting “The Aeron Teify Flute Band”. All this was in South Wales where she continued with private tuition of several instruments and of Music Theory along with teaching at a summer music camp for 2 years. During that time she added to her qualifications with an Adult Certificate of Education. 

In this past decade she moved to South Gloucester spending time training in Music Therapy whilst working with young people in special education and in summer play schemes. She has also had therapeutic work placements with the NAS and with a club for adults with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. Amongst all of this and Windjammers Heather also plays French Horn in Blown Away!

About Tina Bartlett


An accomplished Flautist who studied as a child with Patricia and Lamond Clelland (ex Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra).

Tina learnt both the Flute and Violin at school,  passing both her grade 8 flute and grade 6 violin aged 15. She started off her experience with Bands playing Treble Flute in the Wessex Flute Band and also played violin with Trowbridge Orchestra. 
She then studied music A Level at Bath College, and whilst studying Law at the University of Wales, Swansea Tina played Flute/Piccolo with the University Musicians Society and Swansea Concert Band.

After leaving University Tina moved to Bristol for work and had a break from playing... but it wasn't long before she missed it and joined what is now Blown Away! to get back into playing. Later she played with BCWB for which she became Principle Flute/Piccolo. She also joined a BCWB learner group at that time to take up the Saxophone, which she then went on to play in local Big Bands.


Tina has since left playing with BCWB band after having 2 children, but continues to rehearse at home for orchestras such as the Bristol Concert Orchestra and The Windmill Hill Chorus Orchestra. In relation to conducting Tina has experience from helping conduct and teach with Musicale Holidays when she was studying her A Levels. She also ran Swansea University's Musicians Society in her last year at University and conducted the Orchestra and Jazz Band during that time. She now teaches the Flute privately.​



The standard fee for members of the learner course is £6 per week. As a not-for-profit organisation this fee covers the cost of tuition, rehearsal venue hire and investment in sheet music, instruments and any other equipment that is required.

A Few Photos of Us
Windjammers Concert
Windjammers Concert
Learner Course Windjammers Playing
Learner Flute Clarinet
Learner Concert
Learner Christmas Concert
Windjammers Concert
Alto Saxophones
Windjammers Concert

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