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Learn or Return to Music in 2018!

Its the New Year! Make your resolution to start or return to playing a musical instrument!

If your New Years resolution is to start to learn an instrument our learner course is still taking new players. Get in touch with us now while you can still join! We can also lend you an instrument and help you to decide what to play. Please note that now both of our courses are running for three years we don't have plans to start a new course in Autumn 2018

If you haven't played for a few years and are keen to restart a past hobby, or are looking for a new challenge, we have a number of vacancies across all of our bands, particularly in brass, double-reed and percussion instruments. Our three bands cater for all levels, with performance opportunities both as a band and in smaller groups during the year. Last year we played at a range of different venues and events including Frenchay Flower Show, Children's Hospice Southwest, Royal Victoria Park in Bath and Bristol Cathedral. You can find our full list of vacancies on our Join page

Here's to another year of music making!

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